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Monday, September 29, 2014

Where We Are...

I haven't been well the past couple of days so
today, I welcomed the quiet peace that Monday's bring.

We've been expecting some wicked rain for the 
past couple of days but nothing has come. 
I like the rain but love the cloud cover!
We've had great Fall-ish weather the past week
 and LOVE the fact that we have not
 had the ac on in that time.
I would like to say that whole house fans
 are a genius invention.
We don't get too much of a breeze here like
 we did in CA so sucking in
some fresh country air has been wonderful.

I did my usual laundry (still in progress) and housekeeping
duties because I did none over the weekend.
The kitchen is full of tools and junk (not the good kind) since
my Mr. installed tile in the kitchen entry,
 pantry and laundry room. 
It's a very strange feeling to walk on real flooring!

For our tile, we went with sturdy and traditional,
porcelain slate.

I love the colors of blue, gray, taupe and a touch of black.
I was surprised I even got base in the pantry!
That is the first room in our home we have "completed".
I just need to sew some curtains for below 
the cabinets and do some 
rearranging and it'll be done, done

I put up my old Boutique sign for some nostalgia.
Bruce asked if I was going to change it out for
The French Pressed Home and I said no.
Black Rooster Cottage is a part of our history and 
I like it. Our home is supposed tell our story
and that, it shall.

I don't think I ever shared the iron railing into the great room from the guest room.

It still needs to be painted black and the trim painted 
with a faux treatment like I will do to the stairs once the bottom handrail is done. I might even wait to paint that until we get the tile and carpet done upstairs. 

Someday, I'll snap a photo of what I see 
while I'm lying in bed.
I can see all the way to the kitchen and 
I love the depth to that view. 
Here's one of the shutters I had 
Bruce hang in the dining room.
I LOVE the chippy paint and it 
lends a sense of Old World to the room.
And yes, I purposely left the construction mess 
in the pictures. 

I am in love with the great room right now. 
Probably because of its cozy feel.
I am looking forward to using the fireplace again.

And that's about it!
We are getting closer to the interior end. 
The new kitchen cabinets came in today so as I type,
they are being constructed for install.
Yeah, I'm still in disbelief myself. I've managed to survive on a table turned island
and no garbage disposal for over a year! 

Life is good and keeps getting better.

Wishing you all the best!


  1. Hope you're feeling better, Amber. I'm so happy you have your new camera! The shutter is gorgeous and I'm glad you hung up your Black Rooster Cottage sign. That's how I knew you before and I how I found you again. Get some rest and leave the laundry.
    xxx, T.

    1. Oh Tina! There are so many settings that are foreign to me on that camera. I am excited to take nice pictures again. :) Glad you stopped by. I'll "see ya soon". xo

  2. How I love the shutter and the still life painting!!! I think it's called still life...the wine bottle painting.
    Your home is looking fabulous my sweet far away friend. Ciao

    1. Hi Rita! Even the boys like the shutter there. Brock wasn't sure about it at first but then he told me he kinda liked it. That still life (yes) is an oil painting we bought in Italy from a street vendor. It has great texture. The shutter and the green in the painting go so well with each other. I am happy to put some bold color on the wall. It's definitely feeling like home!

  3. Amber,
    I am happy to hear that you are coming to The City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show and The Chapel Market and we get to meet up. Sounds like you are a busy gal with all the makeovers at your home...it's all looking GREAT!


  4. I think we are sharing the same boat!

  5. Everything is coming along quite nicely, Amber! But......have I missed a post somewhere?? Is that a gorgeous pup sitting in front of the window in the second picture?? What kind is it and what is the story?? If I have missed a post, point me in the right direction, please mam. You know how I am when it comes to a furr baby.

  6. Amber,
    It's all so beautiful! You two are so impressive! It makes me want to get some stuff done. I have been so unmotivated for awhile and i need to finish projects. but this gets me excited to work on mine! Love your railing! Can't wait to see it on the stairs! beautiful kitchen and LOVE your mess! I have those too, trying to fix things! Glad things are moving along for you!


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