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Monday, September 22, 2014

Picking a Birthday

If you are a mom (or dad), and you were 
planning your child(ren), did you
look at the calendar and count ahead 9 months or
 have an idea of when you would like your
child to arrive via The Stork?

I have a confession. 
I pulled my calendar out a couple of days ago
 and started counting months.
Babies are just, just, just SO cute!
It's been a while since we had babies in the house and my
maternal urge is at it again.

This time though, I'm having my babies 
delivered via the Post Office.
The Stork brought twins last time so 
I'm "playing it safe" this time around.

And if you don't already think I'm crazy... 
I'm going for Octuplets!

I even picked their sex and DNA!
Oh, the pluses of modern science and
the convenience of mail order.

I'm expecting around my birthday (early, early December).

Here are the features I chose for my girls...

2 Black Australorps

2 Barred Rocks

2 Buff Orpingtons

1 Ruby the Redhead (Rhode Island Red)

1 Silver Laced Wyandotte

I was hoping for some 
Blue Cochins

 or Blue Copper Marans

or a lovely Lavender Orpington,

but they aren't on the availability list to order right now.
There's always next Spring, though!

*Images of chickens via Meyer Hatchery


  1. Wow, youve lost it! Just kidding. I had no idea there were so many pretty chickens out there.

  2. All pretty girls....who's throwing the baby shower? ;)

  3. They are all gorgeous...what a beautiful feathered family you will have...love those shades of grey feathers, and the speckles.


  4. What a beautiful feathered family you will have...looking forward to hearing all the given names.


  5. How fun will that be!! I would love to have some chickens.


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