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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Greatest....

Letdown. Ever. Ever. EVER.

As you know, our home is a little bit French and a whole lotta Country.
Well, I found the most incredible piece that was a whole lotta French
that would transform our great room into a GREAT room.

I found a very ornate mirrored armoire on CR and fell in love.
I had always dreamed of having such a piece and figured I would
never have one because they would possibly always be out of our price range.

Well, I kept my eye this one for about a week {the price was doable} and had heart to hearts about it with the Mr. over coffee, tea and beer. He finally gave in. 
Then she dropped the price.
I cannot lie; I was excited to see the house this thing was in, too!

I kept checking on my new French armoire every morning, 
making sure it was still there for me.
Finally, I made the call.

I asked many questions especially about any other flaws that were not shown in the picture.
All she said was, "With a piece like this, of course there's going to be some wear for its age and the trip it made across the seas. And it's been moved three times since I've owned it but the movers have never had any issues". I agreed and said I love a little bit of wearing because it makes the piece
unique and it tells its story. 

 Well, that should have been a warning sign.

She had let me know that a gentleman was scheduled to purchase it Saturday morning
at 10am. If I truly wanted it, we'd have to go prior to that.
We did. Cash in hand. Driving almost 2 hours, one way, to buy my fabulous

There she was!
The most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
As we got closer, we realized this thing had been through the 
wringer recently.

They had completely ruined this hand carved, one of a kind, armoire.

We counted 25 drywall screws drilled from the outside all along the sides, top
and bottom {none on the face, of course}, "holding" this thing together.
Oh. My. Goodness.

We couldn't believe it.
I love it when someone offers a suggestion on how to hide them.
"You could put a plant on top and drape it over the sides to hide
those screws."

Umm... NO. I cannot. 
The Mr. and I discussed how to repair such idiocy
and there is no viable way to do it. 
If my Mr. can't come up with a solution,
there probably isn't one.

I let the woman know how heart breaking it was to see this.
She acted like she didn't know about it then
proceeded to say she thinks she knows who did it.
We passed.
We also suggested to her that she call the man coming 
from out of State (if there were such a man) and let him 
know what was "found" and send him some pictures 
as not to waste his time.

Talk about a deflation.
And this piece was definitely NOT in the house shown!

Well, the drive was gorgeous, I got to spend some quiet time with my husband
and we stopped at a few Antiques stores along the way home so it wasn't a total loss.

Some day, I'll have my beautiful armoire. 


  1. oh, so sorry, what a disappointment indeed ,but we both know sometimes these things happen so a better option can appear...have faith and what a B---- that gal was...oh, we all know, SHE KNEW!!

  2. Oh no! I was so excited for you! Shame on them for misrepresenting the piece. You handled it well. And your perfect piece will come along :-) Have a great week!

  3. OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! That makes me hopping mad. Why can't people just be honest and up front?
    I can feel your disappointment from here. So sorry, Amber.

  4. How very, very disappointing! Glad you told her to call the other guy (as you said- if there WAS one). Someday you'll find the perfect piece. xo Diana

  5. wow, very disappointing Amber! I am so glad you didn't pay via cc. You will find the right armoire soon. Ciao

  6. You have a great attitude to love the drive with your hubs. I would have haggled the price and probably taken it and done something with it...the front is divine! I've been seeing using such doors for a closet or even bedroom doors...but only at the right price!

  7. Hi Amber, So glad you stopped by my blog today and that I found yours as well. Lovely posts. So sorry this piece turned out not to be what you'd expected. So disappointing~

    1. Hi Nancy! I'm still contemplating that thing! She still has it listed so I might throw a low ball offer in and hope for the best. We keep talking about how to fix it. I'd love to keep it stained but there's always paint!


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