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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Laughing at Myself

Waiting is not one of  my strong suits!

It's been three weeks so I'm hoping sometime
 this week I can get started.

As soon as I get my paper license in hand, I will be opening
my etsy and I can be all legal, and stuff. 
I kinda need that so I can open the bank account
and have my cc machine switched over to 
The French Pressed Home so I can start 
swiping like a mad woman!

Instead of getting frustrated, I just have to laugh.
At myself.

Since Christmas is knocking on the door, I thought 
it would be fun to open a Pop Up store in town and 
contacted an owner of his partially unoccupied shop.
If children were not in the mix, I would definitely open
a store but I thought a temporary, seasonal boutique
would be fun and a great way to showcase 
what The French Pressed Home is and
what Black Rooster Cottage was.

He finally replied back and he is more interested in selling 
the whole building and not renting the last 1/4 of it {to me}. 
The other 3/4 of it is a restaurant, that is occupied, and the little unoccupied 1/4
of it has its own storefront with double glass doors
and is a fairly small room, which would have been perfect.
Drat. Or not drat.

I take these stop signs as "a sign" nowadays
and I don't get discouraged anymore.
There was a time that I would have been devastated over it
but have learned that I have a Guide redirecting me
to something that suits me even more.

Oh, you have NO idea of the kinds of things that swim through
this noggin of mine! The worst part is I have a man that is
just as nuts as me. Oy.

So, we'll stick to the designed plan and see what road that takes us down.

The next couple of months will be busy with shows to attend.

I'm super eager to head to Tennessee to
Maybe next year, we'll load the trailer and be a part of it!

I hope things are very well with you all!
Have a wonderful weekend. xo


  1. I love your one door closes another opens attitude. It's all going to happen for you, it's in the cards, trust me!


  2. I want to go to Franklin! Sob...sob.
    And you are so right, it must not be right for your journey if it didn't work out.
    I like your noggin' and it's ideas- don't change. ;)


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