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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Well, we are on task to get the show rolling next week!
I can't believe it and if that's not exciting enough,
there's a whole lot going on at
The French Pressed Home.

While I've been away, the backyard has been leveled
of any humps, bumps, stumps and vine.
 My goodness do things like to root! 
It is now a clean slate for the Mr.'s shop, 
my permanent garden area,
the coop and patio. Of course all of these things will 
take time but at least we can make some forward progress, finally.

We got the remainder of the kitchen cabinets in, 
handles and pulls installed,
granite identified and measured 
{it's getting machined right now-yippee!},
the flooring choice dialed in which I'm glad we didn't order until after we put the cabinets in because what we originally wanted looked horrible with them. 
I love our new choice:

 And I cannot wait to show you once it's in and baseboards are installed, caulked and painted because that means.....
we will almost be d-o-n-e!
{not really but I'll pretend}
And, I've been out pickin'!

I am looking forward to this Saturday

This is where I met Layla aka The Lettered Porch
 Marion aka Miss. Mustardseed
KariAnne aka Thistlewood Farms
Shauna aka Perfectly Imperfect and a few other blogger/shopkeepers I follow online. Not that any of them know who the heck I am, it's still fun to rub elbows, literally, because it was so packed the last time!
This show will be bigger than #1 so 
I am going to make a point to be 
in the first 5 standing in line! I am on a mission!

That about wraps it up except for the million other things rattling around in my head. 

I'll share those things another time. Or two.


  1. love your finds...looking great and glad your computer is back!

  2. You are non-stop, woman! I so loved your photo with the twins on FB. They have the happiest little faces. Must get them from their Mama.
    Have fun at the market....and yes, I'm soooooooooo jealous!


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