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Thursday, August 7, 2014


First, I want to say that I scoured Pinterest and Etsy for some
beautiful photos of red and white (pink) transferware because
where else would one go?
I have linked every photo to the source I could link them back to
so if you're interested in where they came from,
click the photo. :) And thank you to all the owners of 
these photos for taking such amazing shots!

So, a couple of months ago, before
we painted the kitchen cabinets,
one of the bottom shelves came crashing down.
Of course it was the one with our
plates and bowls along with some
other collected white stoneware.
Obviously those obnoxious little peg
thingies  are not made to hold weight
that heavy. 

I had "brought it up" a couple of 
times over the past months but,
you know how that goes. Priorities! 
Not more than 30 minutes after I mentioned it again
to the sweet Mr. that we needed to add cleats
all the way around the shelves did those things
scream, SURPRISE!!!!!
When will husbands learn to listen
to their wives?

We had casualties and I have been searching high and low
for the same pieces to no avail.
Guess what?
I came to a better solution!
I am going to start collecting
red and white transferware.

I really love the mis-matched arrangement
of white and red and white, together.
Since all the dinner plates survived (don't know
how that happened!), we just need replacements
for salad/dessert plates and bowls like these below.

And, it will give me a pop of red my kitchen so
desperately needs. 
My Kitchen Aid will be so happy!

I want to unify the kitchen, dining and living rooms
so the pull together color is going to be fabulous red.
Just bits and pieces though, just enough to 
give us a French Country feel.

I once, maybe twice, condemned red from my house.
I lied.
I love red. Always have, always will.
I must have been in a bad mood those times.

Now it will have a home in my house. Always.

And I think I might have to find 
an apron just like this one, too.

And have this in my jardin.

 What do you think?


  1. I am with you on this choice...quite adore red transferware too!

  2. Oh girlfriend, you can make that apron! AAAAnnnnd.....I am drooling over the turkey plates. Hubby just built me a hutch and I don't have fancy dishes to go in it, but it means the world to me anyway.

    1. I probably could Teresa but my laziness says JUST BUY IT. ;) I want to see your new hutch! I LOVE handmade furniture!! {Psst: I tried to email you but your old email address doesn't work. I have a question for you so email me!}

  3. I'll keep my eyes open for you, Amber. I collect brown transferware, so I understand your passion!
    It's beautiful...no more ignoring your wife, Mr. ;)

  4. You banished red from your house???? I am SO NOT surprised it's back! Red just seems like one of your colors! along with your gorgeous blacks! I will let you know when I find any red and white items. I am loving my white dishes and then different sets of bowls and salad plates to arrouange with them. I love mismatched! And my set looks mismatched, there are so many setting options!

  5. That adds the perfect type of red "touch" to your style! You are so good at putting everything together to look just right. Happy hunting!

  6. Amber, I'm sad to hear your dishes crashed. I worry about that from time to time. Dishes are heavy!
    The red transfer ware will offer the perfect touch of red. Check with Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish. She is so sweet and thoughtful and has an amazing amount of transfer ware……all colors.


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