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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Toile de jute


My planned day went a little askew today
because this morning, I became the 
Contractors helper at his job.
So, no painting the boys room.
I came home at lunch, took a break
then took a quick tour of the house
to see what I could muster up before the 
kiddlywinks came home from school.


I mounted the rods yesterday basically
to keep them from becoming swords.

And as you read in the last post, I had
planned to use burlap.
I dug out my dusty trusty sewing machine
and whizzed away!

I put the first two panels up on either
side of the mantle.

I left them long because I love the puddled
look and it hides the outlet down below.

I love how cozy the great room is feeling.

Taking pictures (even with the point and shoot)
is actually a good thing. 
It lets you analyze the room differently.

I have lots of room for adding some art
so as I'm out and about, I'll keep
these areas in mind. 
I will be looking for more small frames
as well, for family photos. 

The fireplace still needs some trim down at the bottom.
We (he) ripped out the beautiful white tile stage
that sucked up so much floor space.
It's so much better now!

Doesn't Lucy just fit so well in this room?
She's definitely a French Pressed cat! 


  1. Love the light curtains. And hiding outlets makes me very happy! And I understand how curtain rods can become swords in the blink of an eye! Happy Thursday!

  2. Just lovely, Amber, and there is nothing better than cozy if you ask me! Ok, I need to get off my wide behind and finish hanging my drapes. I always get in trouble when I get online because I am just gonna check this site out, then I end up here, and here, and here, and then I have nothing accomplished and can't even remember what sites I have been to....oh, and this is all without wine, lol.

  3. I'm your new fan...love your style!

  4. Such a pretty room love your style!! Your newest follower:-)


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