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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Package numéro un

I love Google Translate. 
Not sure if it's always right but I like to 
click on the speaker to hear French

Package number one...
My bread plates have arrived
ahead of schedule and I just got
an email from my etsy friend
that my bowls are on their way!

I will be looking for more 
Bristol~ Crown Ducal~
England pieces!

I love how this bread plate
nestles so nicely in the salad plate.

Hey, there are only a few but
it's a beautiful beginning to 
a fabulous collection!

Are you a collector of transferware?
I'd love to see it!


  1. Found you over at Karen's & had to say I LOVE your transfer-ware. The red is so festive! I'm kind of hooked on the brown for fall. I think I'm wishing fall will come. The red would be divine at Christmas too.

    1. Hello Charlene! Welcome and thank you! The transfer ware has become the hit in the household. Even my 6 year old twins have requested their snacks on the pretty red and white plates. :) I'm starting them young! I'm hope their future brides will appreciate their appreciation for pretty old things.

  2. I found you via Tina's blog...and I love mixing patterns! New follower. :)

    1. Welcome Revi! Thank you for following. I have some great posts coming in the near future so stick around. If you have a love for old, historic homes, you won't want to miss out. :)

  3. Beautiful!! I just added more red transferware to the wall in my dining room...stop on by for a peek!


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