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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Holy matrimony,
have we been working on the house!
Company's comin' next week so it's been 
a storm of projects getting (somewhat) done.
In the last several weeks,
we've added two bedrooms (converted loft),
a bathroom (in the loft),
caulked and repainted the 
great room (and I do mean great). 
Our two bedroom, two bath house
is being converted to a four bedroom,
three bath h.o.m.e.

It's nice to have a Contractor living under
the same roof!
Well... kind of, but that's a whole other story.

I picked up our newly reupholstered couch cushions a few days ago and am
absolutely in love with them. I desperately need throw pillows
but I'll pick those up along the way because
I am very unlucky in finding what I want if I go out
on a hunt for them. 
I will probably end up making some of my own then
finding one or two special pillows for an accent.

Excuse my fabulous pictures.
Still haven't gotten my replacement camera
{I gave the Mr. a reminder this morning} so
I used my state of the art flip phone. 
Don't laugh.

Drapes are next for this room.
I am going to whip out some burlap for now just 
because I have a whole bolt of it.

The exciting thing for me is being able to unpack
more of our treasures!

Now I can visualize where things will go.
I waited since every log and every bit of tongue and groove
wood, was white washed. 
Not really the French Country look.

So now, I'm off to continue my floor scraping.
Somehow drywall mud, caulking and paint
magically appeared under the painters tarps.

Can't wait to show you more
with real pictures!

** If you are new to my blog, Welcome!
Glad to have you visit and I hope you come back.
I'll be sharing my Blog Tour on September 1 but I'll be posting more updates before then. Hope to see you!


  1. You are so funny. I wish you were close by, you could get into my cabinet and pick a camera or 7! I hope you have some energy left for your guests. Are your days of being on a 22 ft ladder over at last???

    1. I am so happy to say, YES! my ladder climbing days are over {except for cleaning the windows on the outside of the great room}. Then, that's it. :) It is nice not having so much construction equipment in the house anymore. It looks a little prettier. Ha! Oh, and thank you for parading me on your blog. :) xo

  2. You'll get there, girlfriend! Just look how far you have been already :) Anyhoo, we will be traveling right thru your town in the near future but I don't wanna go into detail on the world wide internet. Email me when you have a chance, or I will you. So glad you stopped by! Oh, I just ordered new drapes...first time ever my windows have been covered. My taste has just done a 180 for some reason.


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