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Thursday, May 21, 2015

The FPH Garden

It's planted and taking shape!
It's a little sparse looking right now but I'm certain that in about a month or so,
everything will be mammoth size {I'm hoping anyway!} and we'll be enjoying 
some homegrown goodies.

Bruce put two cow panels up for me where I have the beans and cucumbers planted
with the rest being installed soon. Then it'll be time for the garden gate.
We've settled on iron which I am ecstatic about.
If I find a photo of the perfect vintage gate, he will build it for me. 
I have to say, I'm pretty darn lucky to have such a talented man.

We have a very large backyard which includes acreage behind the coop which is wooded.
The coop has been the starting point of what we plan on doing in the yard.
We're fencing the garden to keep the dogs out and heaven forbid, any deer that come around. 
We planted a small orchard on the right side of the yard with apples, plums and peaches and to the left, we have several varieties of berries and some blueberry bushes.  I definitely want to plant additional berry vines and bushes. I know what we have will not be enough for our fruit loving kiddos. 

The weather was exceptionally beautiful today so I stripped the bed and pulled the curtains
down to get them washed and hung. I absolutely love the smell of lined dried clothes.

I planted some lavender around the posts sorta as a test to see how well it will do here.
If I can grow lavender, look out!

I love the sink that was given to us. I am 
still deciding whether to have Bruce run water to it but 
for the time being, it's a great herb garden as I often use
mint and lemon balm on my cakes as garnish.

And of course, the girls. I will let them have run of the garden come Fall.
Did you know chickens are great rototillers? Indeed they are.
They follow me from side to side of the run since I'm always treating them with greens or meal worms.  They certainly earn those treats! We usually get 3 or 4 a day but today, we got 6!

And that's how it all looks right now.
I will update as things grow. Sometimes you don't realize growth, improvement
or accomplishments until you look at photos from the beginning.

Have a wonderful weekend. The boys turn 7 on Memorial Day and I can still remember 
their birth date like it was yesterday. They missed their Kindergarten graduation today because they decided that it was a good time to have strep throat and the flu. Lucky, lucky!

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See you all soon!


  1. What a wonderful garden space you have designed. I am so envious!

    1. Thanks Z. I'm looking forward seeing how it flourishes. We got started a little later than I would have liked but it's okay, I think we'll do fine.

  2. Looking so pretty Amber! Needs to be in a magazine! xox

  3. It looks wonderful.. I envie you for your little house and Garden so adorable.. Happy Sunday with love Janice

    1. Thank you Janice! Since these photos, we added a little piece of gingerbread to the peak of the porch. I'll have to update. Bruce is going to build a cuppola for added ventilation and I think we'll have to find a rooster weathervane to go with it. That little coop might end up looking like a little chapel!

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Kari! Thank you! I love looking out to it from the house. I wish I could have everyone over to sit at the dining table to see what I see. :) xo

  5. Well you've certainly taken to country life in a most beautiful way, Amber. Everything looks amazing, but then that is no surprise to me. I miss you here I. California, but you have been planted just exactly where you are meant to be. Everything g looks glorious!

    1. Thank you so much Lidy. The South truly is HOME. There was no culture shock for us as everyone expected. It is just how it's supposed to be. Can you believe that it will be two years in July?!

  6. Hi Amber, I'm so behind visiting eveyone since moving to WP, so forgive me if I am asking a silly question...but did you start your own bakery? And if you did, that is totally EXCITING!!

    Wow, things look beautiful both on your blog, and in the yard, that chicken coop is stunning. And cow panels I've been searching for them for ages, and couldn't think what they were called...found something much to heavy at a DIY store...but these are better.

    Your husband is incredibly talented to be able to build that gate, how wonderful.

    Jen [formerly Muddy Boot Dreams, now Jen@The Light Laughed.

    1. Hi Jen!! I've missed your updates in my inbox! I will come by your new blog and sign up again. Yes, I did start my own Cottage Bakery. I can now legally bake from home and sell directly to customers or at Farmer's Markets or events. I love it and am having a great time with it. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. In regards to the cattle panels, we got ours at Tractor Supply and they were very reasonable. I'm glad you stopped by! xo

  7. What a beautiful garden and chicken house! I so wish I had the space for something like that.

    I hope your boys feel better soon and Happy Birthday to them!


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