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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mailbox Love

I am confessing that I have not gone green and 
made my own grocery bags.
I still use the non-biodegradable thin, easily ripped 
plastic sacks they give you at the market.
I do, however, re-use them!
I could list my many ways of re-uses but that is not the intent of this post. 

I want to talk about storage.
 How on earth do you store these neatly?
I just saw a pin on a folding method and although
they looked rather neat and tidy,
I don't think I'd take the time to do that. 
I am a bag stuffer. Well, was a bag stuffer.

Every too often, I find a lovely item on
Antique Farm House that fits the bill of something I'm looking for.
I had seen this vintage inspired mailbox before and fell in love with it
so when they offered it again, I jumped on it!

Isn't it pretty?!

I knew this would be my new bag storage container.
1. Because it is gorgeous.
2. It would fit my need.
3. It would be perfect for my kitchen entry thus
making it easily accessible for everyone.
4. No more big over stuffed bags behind the laundry room door!

And this particular mailbox is huge!

I would have loved to find an authentic
vintage iron mailbox but I think
those are hard to come by and a bit pricey.

I've checked the big box stores and they are coming
out with mailboxes that have a bit of a vintage flair.
Most are black, white or rubbed bronze so just
add some colorful paint and there you go!

I hope everyone has a happy Mother's Day.


  1. Replies
    1. I smile every time I shove another bag in or take one out. Sometimes I surprise myself when these clever ideas pop into my crazy head. :)

  2. So pretty
    and I heart the vintage look on it.


    1. I love it too, Ann. That's what prompted me to buy it. I was really happy when I got it except for the little ding but hey, extra charm, right? :)

  3. What a great use for this mailbox, Amber! I saw this on their facebook page and wished I had some place to use it. I'm kicking myself now - plastic bags is such a great idea. I keep ours and use them in the small garbage pails around the house.

    1. It really is a convenient mailbox for those bags! You definitely need to buy one the next time they have it available. You will be surprised at how big it is and how many bags you can stuff in it. And it is SO pretty! Thanks for stopping by Kathy!


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