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Sunday, May 17, 2015


That leap of Faith proved to be worthy.
Who would have known?

I am so happy that when I got to the fork in the road,
I was guided down the right path.

Is it supposed to be as easy as it is?

I closed my eyes, prayed, surrendered and it happened.
There is no other feeling like the one of contentment.

Baking is good for the soul.
Baking from scratch is even better.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our hens are laying regularly now. We've got one
Buff Orpington that loves to lay double yolkers.
I'm hoping her body adjusts and she becomes normal.

It is the boys job to collect eggs after school.
I have to control myself every day from doing their job.
It makes me happy to see those nesting boxes with pretty eggs.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The garden is planted {photo shoot today} and all of 
our seeds have germinated and are poking out. 
Now, hopefully we will have a fantastic bounty!

I'll be back in a few days with updated pictures.


  1. Yes, turning it over to the Lord is the best way! Good for you Amber! Sounds like you have happy hens! XOX

  2. Oh my gosh your tulips are amazing! Glad to hear things are going well and you're headed in an exciting direction. Looking forward to seeing it come along!

    Continued blessings,

  3. Beautiful tulips and I love the pitcher they are in as well. So, I am wondering about the bank job, still doing that too!??
    I want to see your baked goods!

    1. No bank job, Betsy. We came to our senses (I had a little wake-up call) and realized it would not be beneficial to start a whole new career in an office. It wouldn't have been a good fit (both financially or schedule wise) for our family. Pursuing what I did before and opened my Cottage Bakery. I will be updating my new FPH Bakery page later this week. :)

  4. Beautiful tulips! I'd have a hard time not doing the kids job of getting the eggs too ;)


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