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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Let's get NAKED!

Ahh.... just a little tease on words.
I'm the last person that is an exhibitionist, trust me!

I'm talking about the beautiful twist on decorated cakes:
Naked Cakes.

*all photos sourced from Pinterest  (link below) unless watermarked.

This will be the last post on anything
having to do with F.P.H. Bakery., I promise! 
I just could not help myself with this one.

I am infatuated with these beautiful cakes
mainly because, not being the patient soul, I 
don't do over the top frosted wedding cakes or party cakes.

These little Nakies are my speed and to me,
they are gorgeous.
Wanna see more?
Click HERE.

I just love how the cake flavor is the star, 
along with the beautiful fruit or flowers.
I love the Rustic feel of them but also depending how you
finish it out, it can be extremely romantic and classy.
We'll be working on display stands again, like we
did when we were Black Rooster Cottage. I 
gotta keep the Mr. involved somehow!

So what do you think?
Are you a traditionalist or do you like to go Naked?


  1. So beautiful! I'm requesting that you have mine waiting in my treehouse. Look on my Pinterest cake page...I'll take the one in front of the Happy Birthday chalkboard! Treehouse AND cake! I can't stand it!


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