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Friday, December 26, 2014

Let There Be Light!

I hope every single one of you had a wonderful Christmas.
This year, we focused more on what Christmas truly is.
We still shared gifts and Santa finally made it to our home
but we talked about Jesus and the reason we celebrate his birthday.
With short attention spans, I'm hoping a few words stuck with our
simplistic explanation.

Every year, the day after Christmas, a sense of newness comes over me.
I'm ready to see what the New Year brings and to see 
where my life path leads. 
I had written another post about my disappointment
in myself and what I set out to accomplish and failed,
but I threw it out. I didn't think anyone would care to hear that. 

New Year is a chance to start anew, with clear {realistic} eyes and 
set small goals instead of The Big Picture.
Unfortunately, I was not gifted with patience

As promised in my last post, I am sharing my 
birthday present with you. 
My new bedroom windows.

The Before:

Much better, don't you agree?

We haven't done a thing in there except those windows!
I will be painting the logs, white {loving that look so much!}
and my master drywall guy will be applying extra drywall screws and mud
to the sheetrock before we paint.
I soo badly want a chandelier in our room but being in the South...
{ I don't need to finish that sentence}

The amazing mirror hanging over our bed with given to us 
by a friend that was cleaning out their barn.
It was so dirty, very wobbly and a few pieces were broken off.
In just a few hours with some elbow grease, this piece
just looks amazing. I think our friend will be very happy
to see this Antique piece hanging. 
We love it!

I'm thinking we need to add something to either side of it
 but until I find the right thing, it will stay as is. 
Maybe it will just stay as is, period.

Two of the throw pillows I have on our bed are actually
Antique, hand embroidered/crochet, pillow cases.
Our neighbor gifted the two sets to me a few months ago
and I was so excited. They are king sized {perfect} but 
I didn't not want to use them on a daily basis.
I still have a healthy stash of pillow forms so I stuffed them
and just folded the top over.
So simple yet so pretty.
I love knowing where they came from
and having so much history living in our home.

I really cannot tell you how much
I love the light coming in. 

I plan on planting camellia's along the fence in front of 
those two windows just to add some interest and color.

One last photo for the road...
my wedding dress basking in the sun.

See you soon...


  1. What a charming bedroom! And I LOVE the addition of those windows! What a difference! I'm sure you're really enjoying all the light.
    Wishing you a joyful and blessed New Year!

    1. Hi Sonya! Thank you for the visit. We'll probably be getting more light through those windows than we thought. The neighbors oak tree is dying and is having to be cut down soon. We are sad about that since it's a beautiful shade tree but we both like our houses and roofs intact. Happy New Year, Sonya!

  2. Happy Holidays Amber!
    Your bedroom is gorgeous......the windows, your wedding dress (with the scarf), that beautiful mirror! I would not change a thing!!
    Here's to a fabulous 2015!

  3. That mirror is gorgeous, Amber! I love it on its own. The wood seems to go so well with your bedroom furniture, too. Love the windows and the light it brings into your room. I love natural light. I also love those pillow cases. The crochet is so pretty and I think you have used them beautifully showcasing it.

    Happy New Year!

    1. I have to be honest about that mirror... I didn't think we'd be able to salvage it. I should have known better to question my husband! :) Those pillow cases are sweet, aren't they? I'm so glad you came by to visit Kathy! I'll be over soon! Happy New Year!

  4. Hi Amber-just found you while blog hopping this afternoon and happy I did. The mirror over your bed is such a gorgeous statement piece! The windows are of course room transforming--all gorgeous!

    1. Hi Lisa! Welcome to my little blog! That mirror turned out better than I had anticipated. I can't wait to show it to our friend that gave it to us. We're having a little gathering tonight so it'll be fun to give the tour. It's the first time since we moved in that we're having a party! :) Happy New Year!


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