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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year...

Where will the road go this year?
I decided to close my book of dreamy ideas and just wander, letting
the road of unknown surprise me along the way with its own story.

I'm letting go of my fantasy dream business and just live in the now and grow
with what I have, where I am.

I've had my butt handed to me several times, thinking I knew
for sure that my plans were going to pan out. It doesn't help to have an 
encourager that agrees with my every whim.

The last door slam just made me laugh. Out loud and loudly.
It was one of those laughs where you want to cry but you can't
so you just laugh because, hell, it was just that unbelievable. 
Hubby {my encourager} can attest to that.
I think the words, "Hahahaha! Of course this would happen!", came out of my mouth.

Seriously, that was the last straw for me.

I wanted so badly to just shut it all off, crawl in a hole and do nothing anymore.

Some days I still feel like that.
Remember, I was the one born with no patience.

I did have LOTS of good days, though.
How can I not? I have a loving family, hilarious kids
and a cat that thinks I'm the meow. 

One of my greatest achievements of 2014 
were some experiments I did.

I played with scents for linen and room sprays and played with 
some fantastic ingredients in the kitchen.

My most favorite product is my Baker's Vanilla.

I've made a few batches with different ingredients and gave some
away as gifts (my testers) to see if it was worthy.

I've gotten wonderful response, so far. 

The best part of this vanilla is there is no sugar and you get delicious 
bean seed in every teaspoonful.

I am waiting on my labels and cap sealers so I can
peddle my goods. 

It will be interesting to see what 2015 will bring.
{So far, it's starting out sweet and it hasn't even started!}

I wonder what I'll be talking about
this time, next year.

Regardless, this year is going to be my year
of homestead gardening.
I'll be sharing my glories and failures, my discoveries and
my recipes because I plan on cracking open some of my
many awesome cookbooks.

I am so excited to get some beautiful color in they yard, too. 
My English roses will be coming sometime in January. 

Alright, 2015...
I'm ready! I've got my walking shoes on, let's go!


  1. Okay, Amber,
    Even if you don't want to write a post about it all..I need an email about what happened, Andi want to hear it all!!!!
    I wanted to know about your new endeavor.... So start typing me an email...please!!!

  2. Just breathe...In my 7 years of hell, I had so many bumps I felt beaten up...but I learned to just breathe....the road is still not always a smooth one but I watch for a few small moments and I am content to just wake up each day, as that is a gift.... so just breathe...enjoy all the small things and be grateful..the bigger moments will come if they are meant to. Happy 2015

    1. You are so right, Z. I will relish in the small things, for they are the big things. Hugs and wishes for a fantastic New Year!

  3. what a dear sweet creative interesting fun and funny person you are...so glad I stumbled upon you to make my little corner of the world more interesting. Your year will be perfect and I can't wait to read all about it!


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