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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cheep! Cheep!

Alas, the day has come!
The French Pressed Home has babies!

Eight little peeps
filling their bellies, warming under the heat lamp
and singing their cheepy song.

The kids will be so excited when they get home.

Now to pick names and keep reminding
Lu and Mia that...

Curiosity killed the cat. And dog.


  1. oh I am so envious! We used to have a pair of peacocks and they got to roaming the neighborhood so they had to go to the country. Our daughter had chickens/eggs but the met their demise. I would love to do this but live in town and they can be kind of messy for an in town house. Have so much fun!!!

  2. Ah, how cute! I haven't had these since I was a child and we'd get them at the feed store.


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