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Friday, April 24, 2015

Weeds, NO MORE!

Getting the garden beds all pretty and 
cleaned up so all those beautiful
blooms stand out and look their best.
Instead of wood chips, we use pine straw.
 We're still in awe that pine tree "leaves" are used for mulch.
I don't think I have ever seen it used 
before we came to the South.

As seen above, 
Pine straw does decompose over time 
so even though I lay it thick,
it does thin out in places and needs refreshing.

 Last year, I laid weed cloth down before I 
mulched but we still got
weeds popping through, probably in the tiniest
 of holes made in that stuff.

I came across an article in Mother Earth News  about using
newspaper as a weed barrier. The comments from fellow
gardeners were great! One person said they used in one of their beds and were weed free for two years.
It's "green", decomposes and saves it from the landfill.
Since our local paper only comes out once a week, it would 
take forever to collect enough to use. 
My impatience wanted to do it NOW so
I made a phone call to the editor of our town paper.

I swung by and picked up two good sized boxes of old papers,

I got to work! I pulled up any nasty viney weeds and tore the 
clover and smaller weeds to the ground then
covered the entire area with the newspaper, overlapping it good.

I did it really thick in areas that did not have any plants growing around,
then water as I went to keep it from blowing in the breeze.

Once I got that done, I fluffed the pine straw over it.

We ended up doing it the entire length of our picket fence
and I think it looks beautiful. 

We don't have a mow strip, although, 
I'd love to put brick down {maybe one day}. 
 I've had years of practice with the weed whacker though, so I can get any grass that gets too close, pretty good.

Voila! A clean shaped garden island!

I will keep tabs on the progress of decomposition and let you know how it goes.

Have any of you used newspaper in your garden?

And, I have a surprise!
 One of our Barred Rocks 
laid her first egg today.
I knew it was coming and boy, did she 
let the world know!

Now for the rest of them... :)


  1. I can't wait to get out and work in the yard again. I usually do all the grass cutting and edging, but lately hubby has done it. I told him next time it's my turn. We need to mulch and week and plant flowers. Had a full week of rain and then it cleared up, but I didn't get out. Now more rain this weekend. Your pine beds look great.

  2. It looks beautiful. I have heard about this newspaper trick and plan to do it this year.

  3. WooHoo! Your first egg! So excited for you Amber! Yeah for the Barred Rock! Pretty little hen. Your yard is looking good! xox

  4. I miss having pine trees in my yard. I do not miss when they froze for too long an became projectile missiles thru our roof! Your yard and house look so pretty. Yay for your first egg! Will the chickens visit me in my treehouse?

  5. I have used newspaper, but it sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you. Your beds look GREAT! Stop by and show them off at my Show and Share Party.



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