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Monday, July 13, 2015

In the FPH Garden

Remember this?

Here is the now:

We had to do a little transplanting but boy, are they doing
well! The men of the family took mound building seriously.

These Lantana were transplants this past winter. One of the hardiest plants I have ever known, 
right next to Crape Myrtle.

{flip phone photo ~ don't laugh}

The rose above is one of two, of the great $4 Home Depot rescue. The scent of this rose
is so beautiful. I look forward to many years of fragrant cut flowers.

We are still designing areas of the yards and planning for our next wave of planting in late winter
(bare roots) and early spring. The plants we did plant, are doing well except for my hydrangeas
which I think get too much sun so I'll be transplanting them later.

Our gazebo is flourishing with Concord grapes and climbing rose.
I won't be cutting it back next season so that it completely covers the top.
It's a beautiful sight when that gazebo is covered with green. The shade will be much welcomed!

Last week I happened to look outside at the right moment.
I saw a little mockingbird fly into my rose tree with 
twigs in her beak. 

I peeked at it soon after and it was a perfect
cozy nest. A week later (today), this is what I found.

I love that we have birds nesting around our gardens. I'm not happy with them
when they're stealing our blueberries but that's what they make bird netting for, right?

Now, it's time for a little summertime break.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks with some e-x-c-i-t-i-n-g news!

Stay cool and enjoy the lazy days of summer.



  1. I think you are doing pretty good with the garden Amber. We did watermelon last year, it took over and it wasn't very tasty, so I will buy them from now on. We did peanuts last year for fun, and the mole got many of them, not worth the bother really. At any rate, its fun to watch the different things that grow here. The mocking birds can be aggressive when it comes to the nests. Watch out! the eggs are so pretty. Your lantana and crepe myrtle is happy. The boys look happy Too!

    I did cotton again and it looks good. I find the southern garden to be a challenge in finding the right place to plant things. It will be nice to make some changes,,,, when it cools down!

  2. I would love to be sitting on your porch looking at that view

  3. Amber, you and your gardening helpers are creating such a beautiful garden! Your beautiful touch is evident everywhere. The nest? So sweet. I miss seeing you around here, but it is evident that this is where God meant to plant you, and you are blooming! Xoxo


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