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Sunday, February 22, 2015

le poulailler

I'm back!
I had to take a vacation, although it wasn't planned.
My computer got a major virus and it took
 some major surgery to fix it.
I suppose the length of time of recovery 
would have been shortened if
I had gotten it into my guy sooner. 

In my "down" time, we've been working on backyard projects.
It's all ugly right now because of, well, winter, and the lack
of any other plants or trees, up until recent. 
But, we finished the outside of the coop and run!

Once it warms up, we'll paint the interior, get the nesting 
boxes built and put up that chandelier. 
Some may think it's over the top but you know what?
Since it is in our backyard, it must fall in the 
cute factor category!

We used hardware cloth for the runs 
to keep our girls super safe
and I dug down all around the outside
 perimeter to bury a good foot of wire, 
just in case. We have wooded acreage behind us and I know
there are raccoon's, armadillo, foxes and coyotes  around
 {because I have seen them in our yard}.
The perimeter of our "backyard" will be fenced 
soon, giving us another layer of protection. 

Those lanterns were slated for the trash.
Bruce (hubby) replaced entry lights for a
neighbor and they just wanted to trash these.
I think they're the perfect size and style. 

My Cecil Brunner will climb the coop
with rich green foliage and
gorgeous baby pink mini roses.
I can't wait to look out at it from the house. :)

Aren't these darling?!

We added a run to the back so the
girls can have shade any time of the day.
It gets hot here in South but the shade stays cool.

The coop is going to make for a great backdrop for my garden, which will be planted directly in front of it.

I just love how it turned out.

We've planted several varieties of fruit trees,
got some roses planted, a red honeysuckle put in on
the SW corner of the coop for afternoon shade and
I planted a couple varieties of Peonies. 
Those are an experiment. 

I have some berries and grapes that need to get put in the ground right now, too.
I just need to get my hunny to help with the posts and wire!

And finally, our kitchen screen door...

...and yes, she's a slammer!


  1. Oh Amber! it looks amazing and I am jealous of course!

    1. Alan thought we were crazy when Bruce was working on it. He said our chickens were spoiled. Haha! The extra work has been worth it. The girls have been warm in there with the cold so I'm hoping it will stay nice in Summer, too.

  2. Oh Amber!!! Your coop is beautiful! You did such a great job on it. I love all the little area's they will be able to go too. Sweet as can be! xox Maryjane

    1. Thank you Maryjane! I am really happy with how it turned out. Bruce is impeccable in his building and it has to be done right, or not at all. And yes, I had to caulk it ALL! :)

  3. P.S…. I love your kitchen screen door too! Brings back memories! xox Maryjane

    1. I love it too! Can you believe it was $60?! It pays to shop around. Gotta love small town hardware stores! The same exact screen is over $400 on one of those "Vintage" screen door sites! Maybe I should buy and resell. Hmm....

  4. Wow girl you get stuff done! Love that coop!

    1. I wish I could take all the credit but, I can't. I have a great "assistant". :)

  5. I hate to admit this but I think I'm envious of your chickens! LOL! :)

    1. Hahaha! Our neighbor came over to see the girls and she exclaimed that our coop was built a lot better than most houses around here. Hey, I gotta keep them spoiled so they pay us back in delicious eggs! :) I guess like the old saying, "He got put in the dog house", I could say, "SHE got put in the coop". I'll take that!

  6. LOVE the screen door! I really hope your peonies grow like crazy! If they do, please share the secret! I just love those! The chicken coup looks amazing! The outside lantern lights are perfect. I'm thinking you need a black chandler inside! I can't wait to see the inside all done up FPH style!


  7. I just have to say it...
    Alabama Slamma!


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