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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Barn Wood Seat

Brrr! We started our first day of November
very chilly and I LOVE it!
I woke up to 35* this morning and promptly
got the fireplace lit. 
I love this weather!
~ ~
As you know, we are huge advocates of using 
someone else's throw-away's, 
re-cycling, up-cycling and making 
something new with something old. 

Some day I will go through our home and 
take pictures and give the history of
all the things that we have used to make our house, 
our home, with cast-offs.

Today I'm going to share our newest project:
A new window seat with 200 year old barn wood.

I purchased this barn wood when it was attached 
to an apron and legs.

It served as our formal dining table in our rental
 but since we only have one
dining room in our current home, 
we didn't have a need for another table.
We both agreed we did not want to sell it.
Since the top was the only element of the table that was old,
we decided to dismantle it, salvaging all parts, to use for another project.

The lore of this wood goes as:
 It was taken from an old barn in Massachusetts
by a friends father. He then railroaded it to 
California where her husband
constructed several Farmhouse tables to sell.

I had to have one.

Who would have guessed this wood would 
almost make it back to where it came from...
just a wee bit more South. 

I have always wanted a window seat in the (this) kitchen and
my Mr. wanted to put a couple of cozy chairs in there.

I didn't quite want the kitchen to feel like a keeping room
so I never said 'okay'.

After finishing the flooring and base, it came time
to bring it up again.

He didn't say anything, walked away, 
came back from the basement with our barn wood.


I will have some pillows made for some coziness
but it is perfect and exactly what I wanted. 
I love the saw marks in it and the rustic feel
it gives my French kitchen.

We talk about maybe selling after we are done with the house
and buying a house with land.
If that ever happens, I hope the new owners know how 
much love we put into making this house a home
But then again, we will probably 
change our minds about that too.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely window seat with a lovely story behind it.

    When we lived in the city, my 95 year old neighbor passed away. She had left hand written notes on many of her things. The family let me pick some remembrances...I cherish the many notes as much as the items we adopted.

    If you ever move, you will have this blog as a gift to the next owner....full of stories of love & care.



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